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eCommerce UI/UX Considerations to Pacify Sales on This Festive Season

eCommerce UI-UX Tips

You must be busy devising the right eCommerce strategy for this year’s festive season. After all, there are so many opportunities in the last quarter of every year, owing to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course, Christmas. According to Statista, Cyber Monday stood to be the biggest day in the history of online shopping in the U.S with over USD 10.8 billion in sales in 2020. The online sales figure for Cyber 5 (From Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday) in 2021 also reached a whopping USD 39 billion. Naturally, expectations are higher this year as well. 

Out of all the things you must handle, ensuring that your website and mobile apps run smoothly is the most critical. Besides appealing UIs, your eCommerce website must also be prepared to offer a seamless user experience that customers can remember. 

So, utilize this grand opportunity to engage and convert more consumers online with these critical eCommerce UI/UX tips and strategize for better results.

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Elevate user experience-the most sought-out aspect in eCommerce stores

Leveraging Social Media

Does Your Site Need a Festive Facelift?


Elevate user experience-the most sought-out aspect in eCommerce stores

Offering a hassle-free user experience with comprehensive navigation is the building block of eCommerce success. Your users must get the value for which they are on your website. Here are some critical aspects that you must consider during eCommerce development to ensure a happy customer journey.

Visible Search box- When buyers visit your website, they have a strong buying intent for a particular product category. They do not have time to scrounge all your categories or look at the entire page to find the ‘Search box.’ It should be prominently placed on your website to ease the buyer’s search.

Saved shopping cart- Buyers might like a certain product on your website and consider it for buying. However, they might leave your website without purchasing due to disruption from several factors. When the product(s) get saved in the shopping cart, they wouldn’t think much before clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button when they visit the site later. WooCommerce website design should include ample provision for visitors to save products.

Relevant FAQs- In most cases, you can incur an online sale if you win prospective buyers’ trust. Frequently Asked Questions can greatly drive away buyers’ apprehensions about product quality, free shipping, refund, return, etc. Be detailed while answering questions to convince buyers with all the required details.

Related products- By showing products that are closely related to the ones the buyer is looking for, you offer the customer a personalized experience. Looking at a variety of options takes the customer deep into your site. In this quest for looking, they might make up their mind to buy products they had not thought of buying earlier. You can experiment with recommendation engines to create a section that can showcase products relevant to what a user searches for on your website.

Free shipping- Offering free shipping to your buyers gives you a competitive edge over your rivals. A good number of customers prefer products that have free shipping over the ones that ask for additional shipping charges.

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Leveraging social media

You need to strategize your social media campaigns to get desired revenue from eCommerce sales. You know the impact of social media on people’s lives and thus, you must come up with some innovative way to leverage maximum benefits from it.

Use Shoppable Tags-Using shoppable tags on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest will allow your customers to directly jump to shopping from their social media posts.

Use short videos-By creating small non-intrusive training videos, you can engage customers who are interested in that particular product. It can be a simple “how-to-use” video explaining its usage and worth along with highlighting its special features.

Express your brand value-Brand storytelling is an effective way to influence users and their buying decisions. Try engaging with some social media influencers and portraying how your brand conceives customers, their values, and their preferences.

Does your site need a festive facelift?

When was the last time you updated your eCommerce site’s design? If you are taking too long to think of the answer, it’s high time now! People love to see something new every time they visit your site. Here, we don’t mean to say that you keep changing your website designs often. But the idea here is to reflect a rejuvenated version of your brand. Here’s how to approach it effectively:

Use high-quality images-In the world of eCommerce, images and designs are the two most proven ways to increase conversions. High-quality images directly impact users’ minds and prompt them to buy that product.

Use mobile-responsive designs-Make sure that you have mobile-friendly designs on our eCommerce sites. A major portion of online shoppers use their smartphones to place online orders. Hence, you must ask your web designer to transform your site into mobile templates and create designs that are compatible with all sorts of mobile devices.

Use crisp & catchy product descriptions-Your product descriptions must be easy to read with simple vocabulary and highlighting your product’s forte. When you write rich and accurate descriptions, it helps users to understand a product’s value and relevance, and it also supports higher search engine rankings.

Use social proof smartly-This an effective way to build trust among users and influence their buying decisions. Display your positive feedback to generate trust among visitors along with a “Rating” and “Testimonial” section. People often look for such things before finalizing their purchase decision on an eCommerce site. Hence, the more positive feedback you will have, the better it will work for you.

Use easily navigable product categories-Confusing visitors with a clunky layout where they have to scroll up and down to look up products that they want to buy will prompt them to leave the page without any second thought. Allow smooth and comprehensive navigation and allow visitors to filter products according to color, size, and type.


If you approach these critical tips with the required professionalism and the right technique, you will definitely reap fruitful results from your eCommerce website this festive season.

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