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How Much Do Wedding Planners Make? All The Information You Need To Know About Wedding Planners

How Much Do Wedding Planners Make? All Information You Need To Know About Wedding Planners:

One of the most critical tasks for a wedding planner is to manage, coordinate and schedule events. This can range from inviting the right people and guests to negotiating contracts and management duties. Wedding planners might also be asked to arrange meetings with other event staff.

How much do wedding planners make?

The average annual salary for wedding planners in the United States is $55,000 as of 2015. The median hourly wage for this profession is $26 an hour. It should be noted that not all wedding planners make this much; significant variations depending on location, years of experience, and type of planning services provided, according to Career Bliss.  

A senior-level wedding planner who owns their own company could expect an average salary of $75,000. Someone with less than five years of experience in the industry might make an average of $35,000.

What is the most authentic degree for the wedding planner? 

A bachelor’s degree is the authentic and best education for the wedding planner. The duration of a bachelor’s degree is four years. The courses that wedding planner study is related to business, the way of communication and also management. Most of wedding planners have completed their four-year degrees and some have an associate degree. The ratio is 71:13. 71 percent pass the bachelor’s degree, while the rest of 13 have an associate degree.  

Event planners salary by location:

The wedding planner salaries throughout the United States are outlined below in a list organized from highest to lowest pay rates. Please note that these salary figures are approximations based on the latest data available when this article was written. This list is also not representative of all wedding planners since it only considers popular destinations for weddings such as Las Vegas, Chicago, New York City, or San Francisco.

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Why do some wedding planners make more than others?

The amount that a wedding planner makes depends on several factors. One is experience level, with newbies earning less while old hands command higher salaries. Another critical factor is location, with major destinations such as Las Vegas or New York City having much higher average salary rates than medium-sized cities like Atlanta.

Still, another factor is size – larger companies hire more people. Therefore, they have access to better resources that can improve efficiency, resulting in lower costs for their customers and thus higher profits.


The amount of money that one can make as a wedding planner depends on their experience. A newly hired wedding planner makes around $35,000, while an experienced wedding planner makes upwards of $100 000 per year ( Schiller, 2015 ). The actual salary will depend on the geographical location; for example, in New York City, wedding planners make $75 per hour ( Schiller, 2015 ).

In the United States, around 56% of weddings in 2015 were planned by a wedding planner or coordinator [1]. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment for wedding planners will grow 22% from 2014 to 2024. This is a growth rate higher than average when compared to other jobs [2]. Wedding planners may also decide on going into business for themselves.

Responsibilities of wedding planner:

Wedding planners manage and coordinate events to ensure that everything goes smoothly and pleasantly. They set up the venue and coordinate with caterers and other vendors while keeping tabs on all details. Experience in an area such as event management or hotel management is necessary for this profession.

Anniversary party planners need not apply. Wedding-related businesses usually employ wedding planners, but some have their services. The average annual salary for this profession is $55,000 as of 2015, with the median hourly wage being $26 an hour. Read more to discover how much do wedding planners make? Do you think you have what it takes to become a wedding planner? Find out everything you need to know about the salary and requirements here!

Many types of weddings range from casual to traditional – all having different needs. A ceremony that follows a specific religion will require catering for certain food options, while one at a hunting lodge might ask for deer meat instead. An outdoor reception naturally requires tent rental, while one held indoors might involve draping. The range of services can be pretty extensive, and wedding planners must pay attention to the desires of their clients.


A wedding planner’s salary depends on the experience of the planner. A newly hired wedding planner earns around $35K, while an experienced wedding planner can make upwards of $100K per year. Actual salary will depend on geographical location; for example, in New York, wedding planners make $75 per hour.


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