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How to Promote Your Travel Agency

Promote Your Travel Agency

As a travel agent, you must market your company to your clients. Keeping up with new travel deals and booking clients, as well as managing your social media accounts, website, CRM, blogs, and emails-always there’s so much to do!

Are your efforts producing the desired results? Consider incorporating one or more of these suggestions into your annual marketing plan.

How to Promote Your Travel Agency

Prepare your 30-second commercial.

This is your opportunity to describe your company in a brief message, also known as a “elevator speech.” Whether you’re walking into the grocery store or attending your child’s school function, you’re bound to run into someone you know. It is critical to prepare your 30-second commercial rather than stumbling over words to explain it each time. The Boot Camp at our corporate office will help you perfect your pitch.

Create a monthly email newsletter.

Using myTravelCRM or Mailchimp to create a short email to send to your clients is a quick and easy way to stay in touch. Your newsletter’s content should be centred on the current travel season. Whether it’s engagement season, summer vacation, or the holiday season, send out regular emails to your clients with travel ideas and tips for all occasions! KHM Travel Agents can use email templates in myTravelCRM to generate additional content ideas.

Make your social media posts more diverse.

Encourage your followers by posting about new travel deals, industry news, packing tips, destination highlights, and holiday posts! Here are some ideas to spice up your:

Consider developing a daily theme to help with consistency. For example, Travel Tip Tuesday.

Share visually appealing photos from your own travels or from supplier websites, along with short, catchy captions.

Subscribe to travel agent supplier Facebook pages on a regular basis to receive shareable contact information.

Search Pinterest for packing essentials to feature on your pages! For example, Africa Incoming uses multi channel marketing to market their South Africa and Botswana tour packages

Look for interesting, informative videos on suppliers’ YouTube channels to share on your page. Make sure to use supplier content rather than content from other travel agents.

Reading the Agent Access Weekly emails will keep you up to date on the latest travel deals. Post about the most recent sales by incorporating relevant graphics or supplier resources into your content!

Make an appearance at a local trade show or fair.

To find the ideal trade show, check your local chamber of commerce, event centre schedule, fairgrounds, or even call your nearest mall to set up a table or booth during a specific time period. The most effective way to grow your lead list is to promote your company to potential customers. KHM Travel Group has provided some pointers to assist our agents in preparing for a tradeshow.

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Start a referral programme.

Word-of-mouth marketing is both simple and inexpensive! Increase your sales by asking your customers to refer a friend to your travel company or to keep you in mind whenever the topic of travel comes up. A referral programme can add an extra incentive. Gift cards are an excellent way to express gratitude to clients for referrals.

A sales CRM tool is also used by travel companies to manage their sales.

Create a giveaway

Giving out items with your travel agency’s information increases the visual exposure of your company. Consider low-cost giveaways that your customers will appreciate and possibly use while on the road. To generate ideas, we recommend visiting 4imprint.

Make local announcements.
Advertising opportunities abound, from bulletin boards to newspapers to pizza boxes. Displaying your company’s name, logo, and contact information in public alerts others to the availability of your services and can improve your public relations image. Because some ideas will necessitate a greater financial investment than others. Begin small by placing an ad in your local school directory or church bulletin and monitoring the response.

Send direct mail to your clients.

Your clients’ mailboxes are clogged with bills, newspapers, and the occasional note from Grandma every day. Send something from their favourite travel agent to spice up and personalise your client communications! Consider writing a handwritten card or letter for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or congratulating someone on a life event.

Don’t forget to add a “travel” twist to your message. “During these special times, couples often plan an anniversary trip, renewal of their vows, or simply a romantic getaway as a celebration of their love,” says an anniversary card advertisement. [YourAgencyName] will arrange for you and your spouse to spend quality time together. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.”

Travel Leaders Network’s Engagement programme is another excellent resource for low-cost, professional-looking direct mail marketing.

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