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So, You Want a Career in Digital Marketing? Here Are Your Options in 2023

Not so long ago, you wouldn’t be able to find a school child saying: When I grow up, I’m going to be a digital marketing expert. Not because it’s not an alluring profession, but because digital marketing is a pretty new field, as it has existed for about 20 years. 

Kids of today probably consider this career often. After all, they are present on social media from a very early age. Sometimes they know the rules of social media management long before they can perceive them as such. Just think of all the young Instagram influencers and TikTok stars. 

So, if you’re one of these kids, or simply ready for a career change, you need to know that you can succeed in digital marketing regardless of your age. It’s never too late to start, and it’s never too early to dream about it. Make sure you have an open mind and be ready to learn, as this field tends to change constantly. 

Reasons to choose a career in digital marketing 

When you dream of a career as a child sometimes your reasons are not practical. Just think of children that want to be doctors because they want to own a stethoscope. Or those who want to become a judge because they would like to bang on the table with a tiny hammer and yell: Order, order! 

Some fields of digital marketing, like social media we already mention, keep their original appeal. I.e., you like taking good photos and you just know how to write a good caption. As a grown-up, you’ll see this is still the base of the profession, unlike all those scary things that come together with holding a stethoscope or a gavel. 

Other than creativity that might be appealing to a child and can help an adult thrive, digital marketing has another very important characteristic: It has a future.

But we don’t expect that you just take our word for it. Because we don’t have to, a couple of surveys show this. One example is the Bureau of Labor Statistics which says the number of roles for marketing professionals will grow by 8 % between 2018 and 2028. 

So if you are considering this career path, you’re definitely onto something. And if you had second thoughts, we hope this helps. Now let’s see your options and what skills and qualifications you need. 

An SEO Specialist

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. People with expertise in this area are in charge of making changes and optimizing websites so that they can be easily found using search engines, most often Google. 

And they manage this by doing keyword research, preparing and writing content for websites, and providing backlinks. They also do SEO audits of websites to find areas to improve. 

A candidate for this position should have good analytical skills and learn how to use tools that help SEO. Most of them are quite simple and come with blogs and resources to help you understand what you’re doing. Some favorites are Google Search Console,

Google Analytics, SEMrush, MOZ, etc. 

SEO specialists come from all sorts of educational backgrounds, from linguists to artists. A deeper understanding of language helps. This is because it enables you to understand better the search intent of search engine users, thus helping you find keywords. Additionally, certain aspects of SEO require doing outreach. This is much easier if you have good communication skills. 

SEO is a constantly evolving field that requires you to always be on top of your research and not be surprised by changes. One of the newest things in the field is Programmatic SEO which will for sure open new doors in the development. 

So you have to be a fast learner and never want to stop learning. On the other hand, you don’t need much web development knowledge. This should make your path to becoming an SEO specialist much easier. 

A Copywriter

To put it simply, a copywriter is a person who writes not-too-long content. Their main goal is to attract a reader’s attention and make them want to read to the end. Eventually buying the product or service the content was about. These are ads, taglines, banners, headlines, product descriptions, emails… 

To be a copywriter you must have your way with words. And you must be able to adapt to different types of vocabulary because it’s not the same as writing a copy for a landscaping design company and a bar. 

Copywriters have to know their target audience very well to be able to speak to them in the most suitable way. This requires marketing knowledge. A basic understanding of psychology also helps. The latter also helps them understand better the brand they write for, making it easier to set the tone their clients require.

A Content Writer 

Since content in digital marketing is very important (maybe you heard what they say, content is king), there’s another group of people whose job is to write. Content writers are in charge of longer pieces, such as blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, eBooks, etc. 

These are meant for readers to learn something, not to have them purchase a product or service. A purchase is still the ultimate goal but keeping the website’s visitor’s attention and gaining their trust comes first. 

Content writers’ skills are similar to the ones of a copywriter. It’s not rare to have the same person doing both jobs. It’s also not so rare to have an SEO specialist who is also a content writer. These three positions are very much connected and depend on each other, so it’s no wonder one person can do at least two of them at the same time. 

A Social Media Specialist 

As mentioned above, many people of all ages run their profiles on social media so well that they turn it into a living. So, it’s no wonder a career as a social media manager is attractive. You’d think, if I can run my profile on social media, how hard can it be to do it for a brand? 

We won’t judge how hard it is because it depends on many factors and points of view. But maintaining a brand’s presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc., can be challenging. It requires specific knowledge you can’t gain just by taking care of your profiles. You have to read a lot on the topic and learn from more experienced colleagues, just like in many other professions. 

A Social Media Specialist is usually in charge of creating or at least planning video, audio, and written content for the networks. So they must know how to use all the necessary tools. More often than not, their job is to respond to requests and messages from customers on social media channels. This means good people and communication skills are necessary.

An Email Marketing Specialist 

The idea of email marketing it’s pretty simple: its goal is to maintain strong and meaningful relationships with customers. And succeeding in this is, of course, the job of an Email Marketing Specialist. 

They create email marketing campaigns and messages. They also work on growing the database of customers’ emails. For this, they need excellent writing skills combined with analytics. They also need to be able to use various tools like Mailchimp. 

It might lack the obvious glamour of Social Media, but Email Marketing is very lucrative. Some statistics show that for every $1 spent on this type of campaign, a company earns $36. This could be the reason why Email Marketers usually have higher salaries than the ones in charge of Social media. 

Data Analyst

You could say that previously mentioned professions are mostly about creativity, communication, and the way with words. But, for those whose stronger side is in the numbers, there’s a perfect profession too in the sphere of digital marketing: a data analyst. 

Their job is to analyze data they previously gathered from other fields of marketing. This data will help them inform the other marketing team members about the success of the campaigns, website performance, etc. 

Data analysts usually have a degree in mathematics or statistics. Still, it’s not mandatory as long as they are comfortable with numbers and can use tools like Klipfolio, SEMrush, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and Optimizely. Knowledge of some basic programming could help them a lot too. 

To conclude 

A career in digital marketing is more or less available to anyone eager to learn. The Internet is flooded with resources about it. Additionally, companies understand it’s a new field, so they don’t necessarily insist on many years of experience. 

So, if you have any of the skills we mentioned before, a career in marketing in 2023 is a realistic choice. 

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