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7 Ways Cloud Computing Can Increase Business Productivity


At one point many years ago, “the cloud” seemed like a meaningless business buzzword. That has been proven to not be the case with so many companies integrating the cloud into their business processes. You can do the same and benefit greatly as a result. It doesn’t matter how large or how small your business is, cloud computing can increase your business’s productivity. Below are seven ways how.

1. Cloud Computing is Scalable

One way cloud computing can increase productivity is due to the fact it is scalable. This means that the resources allocated to your business increase with the increase in your need. This can, in fact, happen in a quite automated fashion. It’s due to the more shared nature of cloud hosting infrastructure. This is not really available with non-cloud options. If you grow too big too fast with traditional hosting, you could run into walls via the technology and your website or services could be offline for hours at a time.

2. It Slashes IT Costs

You will find that many businesses use some form of cloud computing. One of the reasons why cloud computing is so wildly popular is because it helps slash costs across the board. This will certainly be true in regards to IT expenses. Cloud computing is provided as a service over the internet. As such, it greatly lessens the need to employ IT professionals in-house. Considering how highly paid IT pros are, this can be a lot of money.

3. Allows You to Work From Anywhere

Due to the fact cloud services are provided over the internet, you don’t necessarily have to operate from a single location. If you need to travel a lot to make sales or for any other purpose, you can bring a cloud-based network with you. You’ll be able to access company information from the hotel or at the airport. This is not possible with a traditional computer network that is tied to direct connections to hardware in your offices.

4. Migrating to the Cloud Is Easy

If you are worried about how difficult it may be to transition your current systems to a cloud-based system, you should rest assured that migrating to the cloud is much easier than you first assumed. For example, you may have personal storage data, or PST, that you want to migrate to an installation of cloud-powered Microsoft Office 360. You can also find helpful resources to migrate PST to office 365 effectively.

5. Makes Collaboration Easy

Since your cloud-powered network can be accessed from anywhere, another great benefit is how easy it can make collaboration for employees that are not in the office. Work can be contributed to shared projects from all over the globe. This can be facilitated by collaboration software loaded via the cloud. Files can be loaded and edited in the cloud in real-time. It can really replicate a shared office workspace in the virtual world. Productivity will increase as a result.

6. Saves Money on Technology Cost

Another huge cost that will certainly be lowered thanks to the cloud is the amount you spend on technology. You won’t have to spend money on things like high-tech servers. Instead, that hardware will be provided for you on the vendor’s end. You will simply be given access to it through the internet. This switch of responsibilities can help save you from having to spend so much money on both hardware and software.

7. Data Recovery Is Easy

One way cloud computing is clearly superior to traditional computing is due to how easy it is to recover lost data. With traditional setups, all your data could be lost due to something as simple as a power surge. With the cloud, however, your data is stored off-site in a redundant manner. This means it’s virtually impossible to lose data by accident. As such, this can be a boon to productivity since you won’t lose your workers’ progress.

Closing Remarks

Overall, there are many ways that cloud computing can help increase your productivity. It can slash costs, allow workers to collaborate efficiently even while on the other side of the globe, can give you additional resources as you grow, help you recover lost data more easily, and more. Most companies have transitioned to the cloud for a reason. Don’t get left in the past.

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