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7 Ways to Reduce Stress While Travelling for Business


Traveling brings exciting experiences, especially when you are out to close business deals, establish new partnerships, and showcase products. However, traveling can also cause mental aggravation, exposing your health to risks. The stress intensifies when you have to deal with delayed or lost luggage, work tasks, or severe climatic changes.

You are at your worst when jetlag takes a toll on your mood, emotions, sleep, and physical wellness. But business trips do not always have to be stressful. Here are 7 ways to help you lower stress levels while traveling for business.

Make Adequate Pre-Departure Travel Preparations

Think of all the resources, tools, and items necessary to make your business trip complete. Have a checklist capturing those items and confirm you have them before departure. The idea is to avoid the emotional strain of forgetting trip essentials. If you are going to rely on an item situated in your destination, make sure to confirm with your receiving team.

Take Control of Your Business Trip Itinerary

Most business travelers have minimal control over their trip itinerary. The consequence of such arrangements is that it becomes incredibly challenging to grab a handle on the dynamics of the entire trip. When taking the next business trip, against all odds, ensure you have your preferences laid out in an itinerary you have control over. Learn what city you will be staying in ahead of time so you have the opportunity to plan an activity that is non-business related. For example, if you’re going on a private jet charter to West Palm Beach, search for travel destinations near the area. Doing non-business activities in your free time can help make the trip feel less stressful. 

Pack Right

Packing anxiety is an excellent inhibitor for most business travelers. Overpacking, underpacking, and wrongly stacking your items are unnecessary stress triggers. Packing right helps you avoid long waits during airport check-ins while eliminating concerns of losing your luggage. Use a packing checklist, invest in packaged travel toiletries, and get a carry-on bag for your valuables.

Maintain Your Diet and Stay in Shape

You are likely to get caught in the misery of a diet disaster every time you ignore your dietary and workout routine. Medical experts recommend sticking to your diet plan even when traveling, as a way of fighting body fatigue and boosting your productivity the next day. Stay hydrated, take low-calorie foods, and, if possible, bring your own meals.

To keep your body in shape, you can stretch and walk around the plan after every hour or two. Upon arrival at your destination, develop a gym routine you can follow until your return trip. If you are taking a long trip, remember to take a nap somewhere along your flight. This makes it easy to keep body soreness under control.

Invest in Travel Comfort

Traveling comfortably should be a priority for every business traveler. While long flights can be somewhat uncomfortable, there are always techniques that you can apply to make them tolerable. Wear clothing with comfy fabrics, be ready to adjust to temperature changes, carry a neck pillow, and keep luggage and bags off your laps. If you are a music enthusiast, consider bringing a comfy headset along.

Managing comfort becomes even better when you can afford to upgrade to business or first class.

Make the Most Out of Your Flight Layovers

Commercial flight delays and layovers happen all the time. Sometimes delays occur out of unexpected events, while others are designed to accommodate the rest periods structured for cabin crews. Instead of worrying and stressing over such inconveniences, you can take actions that will allow you to wallow in the moment. Grab a snack, read a novel, listen to music, make a friend out of a stranger, or catch up on your favorite movie or TV series.  

Have a Flexible Check-In, Check-Out Schedule

Dealing with the last-minute rush into your flight schedule can be intimidating. Having insufficient time to have your luggage screened and to get to the terminal can cost you a very important flight. Checking in an hour before the scheduled time cushions you from the pressure of missing a flight.


The emotional turmoil that comes with business flights can be vexing. Long overhaul flights, delayed trips, lost luggage, and discomfort can escalate the stress of traveling. However, with proper planning, an effective itinerary, and proper dieting, business flights can become as glamorous as they are meant to be. Have a plan for your before, during, and after the flight to keep your mental tenacity in check.

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