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Difference B/W Plot And Plot File in Real Estate Sector

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During the last few years, the real estate industry has seen tremendous growth. According to online statistics, nearly every city in Pakistan has significant property development projects. Regardless of project size, all real estate projects offer a large potential for investment for both local and international investors. 

However, if you are interested in investing in real estate in Pakistan, you should be familiar with the terms “plot” and “plot file.” These are the most commonly used terms in the Pakistani real estate industry. Therefore, it is critical for every investor to understand the distinction between these two co-related terminologies. To break the ice, this blog post will explain the distinction between the plot and the plot file. 

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Let’s begin!

  • Plot 
  • Plot File


A plot is simply a piece of land, either residential or commercial, owned by a person, company, or other legal entity. The plot is usually marked with a specific number containing street and block allocation numbers. These numbers are typically assigned by the government or real estate ownership authorities.

Furthermore, in the context of Pakistani land legislation, the plot number is assigned to a legal entity such as an individual or corporation. The plot allocation and possession take place after the balloting, which distinguishes it from the plot file. 

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Plot File:

The plot file is commonly used to refer to proof of investment made by the investors. It is the documentation that guarantees a piece of land with a specific size and dimensions within a specific property. 

However, a plot file indicates that a person or entity owns land in a specific landscape area but does not specify the number of plots. The plot files are assigned temporary numbers until they are balloted and converted into actual plot numbers. 

Plot & Plot File Choice Is Yours:

Purchasing property in Pakistan can be a significant financial investment. Perhaps it will be your first real estate investment. Therefore, whenever you have to choose between a plot file and a plot, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of both. Plot files are less expensive than plots, and they play a smaller role in the ownership process. 

However, the plots are directly involved in the ownership process. For example, the plot file of a 5-marla plot in Capital Smart City is 18 to 20 lacs, whereas the same plot will cost you approximately 40 lacs. Furthermore, the investment factor is a key factor between the plot and plot files that may influence your investment opinion. 

Bottom Line: 

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