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How To Utilise Life-Size Cardboard Cutouts For Customer Atmosphere

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Restaurants and retail stores have reopened all over all across the U.S. in recent weeks and are continuing to open! But this doesn’t mean that people will flock back.

Social distancing is generally required, and some people may not be looking forward to returning. But, post-quarantine anxiety can be soothed by some effort from companies.

Cutouts of people in custom cardboard cutouts can be a huge help in making restaurant patrons feel less lonely or alone, helping ease anxiety and helping fill in the gap created by the social distance rules.

Where To Put Life-Size Cutouts?

A proper layout is essential when you incorporate cardboard mannequins into your decor. For dining establishments Cutouts are often placed at tables or close to the bar. Their appearance and posture should be similar to the manner of regular guests.

In other retail shops cutting outs can be found virtually everywhere — and for a myriad of uses. The figures placed near the entrances can greet customers upon entering or give information regarding sales or the latest products. Other options for placement include

Near dressing rooms

In the checkout lines

By merchandise displays

Near or as a substitute for -the conventional Mannequins

Regardless of the location, it’s essential that cutouts can be easily seen by patrons. If your aim is to create an atmosphere, you’ll have to find the right balance between making cutouts simple to spot while also allowing them blend into the background to look natural.

How To Create And Order Life-Size Cardboard Cutouts Of People

When Should You Place An Order

If you want to maximise the use of cardboard cutouts to promote your business you’ll need to purchase them earlier than later.

Customers who are comfortable in the first few days are more likely to keep coming back throughout social distance — a period in which you might depend on returning customers.

The Attributes To Be Considered

Although almost any cardboard cutout will give your establishment or shop positive vibes, choosing the right one is crucial. The nuances that affect the real-world ambience can be seen in the cutouts.

Smiles, for instance, can make any place feel more comfortable. Make sure you choose personalised cardboard cutouts that reflect your ideal customers, which includes their appearance, their demographics and general attitude.

The Order Process

To begin the order process Upload your digital photos to the Cardboard Cutout Standees website. Click the ‘upload your image’ button on the home page. Our website will accept PDF, jpg and psd file formats. The size is not allowed to exceed 40 MB.

If you do not have the ability to access a digital image, take a picture and scan it, then upload the desired image, preferably in a standard size with a resolution of 1200 Pixels per inch.

Images with low resolutions are not acceptable since they don’t provide the high-quality image required to produce an accurate cutout for your company.

Four Things To Think About Before Buying Life-Size Cutouts

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You’ve seen the life-size cardboard cutouts in shops as well as at parties and trade exhibitions. If it’s a large-scale photo of your favourite star or the cut-out of your parents to commemorate the 50th anniversary of their wedding, cutouts add a spark to any occasion and create memorable souvenirs that will last for many years to become.

We can create cutouts of famous rap artists for a corporate party or for the 60th birthday celebration of our founder. Cut outs in life-size are one of our most requested wide-format print projects.

But ordering cutouts could turn out to be quite a hassle in the event that you do not conduct prior research. 


Consider first what you’ll be making use of the cutout. If it’s only a one-time usage product, you’ll need to look at a recyclable and more affordable material.

However, if you are planning to use the cutout repeatedly and over, talk with your printer or supplier regarding printing onto something more durable like foam core.

You should also think about shipping the cut-out you made yourself; you might wish to ask your printer to include folds into the material, which makes it easy to ship or move.

The majority of people come to us seeking an actual cutout of their own However, they don’t often consider the actual height and the length of the area they’ll display the cutout.

If you’re only having an unassuming stand at a tradeshow it is important to ensure that you choose the image of someone who isn’t putting the hands of their hips since this can extend an image cut out quite a lot.

The small considerations, such as size, frequently turn into major issues when they’re not considered prior to printing the cutout and then ship to be display.


Prices for items like this could range between $30 and thousands of dollars. Budgeting is essential; however, make sure to think about what you are paying for particularly when purchasing on the internet.

You could find a great bargain on a cardboard cutout at just $19.99. However, you’re likely to get a low quality image on thin cardboard.

Before you buy, be certain that the material (whether it’s foam core, cardboard or core) is sturdy enough to stand the test of time. 

In reality, you must inquire about the different options for materials, finishes and the capabilities of machines prior to buying.

Image Quality

It is important to select an image that is not only sharp and clear, but can also ensure the strength of your custom cutout.

The cutout you choose to use can last longer when don’t choose the image of people standing on one foot or extending their arms straight.

It is also important to choose the best resolution image possible. Images must be at minimum 300 dpi for any wide-format print job.

It is our hope that whatever types of cutout you decide to use, customised or not, will make your anniversary, birthday or corporate celebration one to cherish.

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Benefits Of Using Cardboard Cutouts As Signs

In this portion of this article, we’ll discuss in more detail on how cardboard cutouts could be use to get business attention and what you can do on them as an advertising piece and how they could be a positive influence on people’s lives while the country fights to combat coronavirus.

A Life-Size Cutout To Attract Business Cutouts To Attract Business

If you believe that cutting out cardboard won’t aid in your business goals, then you’ll be prompt to reconsider the decision-making process. Cutouts of cardboard can have a huge impact on your existing client base as well as those you’re hoping to acquire in future income streams.

A classic cutout that is well-designed will trigger emotions in buyers in a variety of ways that you may not even be aware of and, as a result your sales could reach unimaginable heights bespoke exhibition stands.

A Cardboard Cutout To Use As An Inscription

Are cardboard cutouts just an image that is full-size? Nope. There could be many more.Could be signs that have any type of design or information. Cutouts of jars that promote bees of honey.

Passports that are large and have stamps of the destinations use to be use as props in the travel agency. You can make anything you like with a cutout of cardboard to advertise anything.

Cutouts used as signs are an excellent way to draw attention, whether in your shop or at an expo or any other place where you could get more customers. It doesn’t need to represent the human form, but these can be very efficient.

A-Large Cutout As Well As Social Distancing

Families who typically travel to visit relatives put off this idea. This sounds bleak but that’s the reality. However, there’s an option to feel more connected to your family members.

All one needs to do is look down to the floor at every location that is open to business. The signs are everywhere telling us that we should keep six feet from each other.

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