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What is IDO? and why should you care about IDO Development?


IDO provides an enormous opportunity for business people to raise capital for their businesses. this is why most people show interest in IDO development for their business. Because the people’s trust in IDO never fades, this is why most of the IDO projects get huge responses from the people and became huge successes. When it is from the user perspective they can buy the token or a coin and sell it at a higher price and get a profit from that ido token this is also one of the reasons that make an IDO a huge success. Now let’s talk deeper about IDO development and its process.

What is IDO-How does it works?

IDO is a new way of fundraising option that takes place in a decentralized medium and it’s a completely permissionless crowdfunding platform to raise funds. 

When an IDO project is launched it means it launched it token or coin, that can be swapped for the token or even with a stablecoin.  

And with that token, the user can trade or even sell their token when the token hit a higher price.

The way IDO works is quite simple. IDO project needs to be launched to the general public through launchpads like Polkastarter, or RAVEN. and this is how IDOs can be launched. 

Does IDO a better option to choose

IDO is a huge success compared to ICO, STO, and IEO. because it is completely decentralized and permissionless in nature this is one of the main reasons for the IDO’s success. 

And it has many benefits compared to other fundraising options. It has instant liquidity but when it comes to ICO and IEO they have their initial waiting period. But in IDO it happens in a snap, this is also one of the main reasons for the immense growth of the IDO  

And it is more efficient than the ICO and IEO this is why most business people choose IDO instead of ICO and any other fundraising method

IDO is an excellent option for a new project or a startup to launch its token and get access to immediate funds. And it also has way more benefits compared to other options. 

Benefits of the IDO platform

Transparent funding.

IDO doesn’t rely on private investors to kickstart the operation. Everything that happens in the IDO is completely transparent. This gives trust to the users.

Fast trading.

IDO can be traded immediately but ICO and IEO have their initial waiting period. This makes IDO more efficient compared to other options.

Instant liquidity.

IDO tokens provide immediate liquidity, but other options like ICO, IEO, and STO don’t have that option. This makes IDO more popular.

Automated market maker

IDO deploys the automated market maker to calculate the demand for the token in the liquidity pool. unlike IEOs have a price oracle to draw the value for the token.

Secured listing

Every transaction that happens in the initial dex offering is monitored by the smart contract so it is completely secured.

Low-cost listing. 

And it costs very low it only needs a gas fee for the smart contract deployment, compared to the other fundraising option available on the blockchain. 

IDO platform in trend

  • BSCPad
  • DAO Maker
  • Polkastarter
  • Uniswap

IDO development company

To make a top-class IDO platform. You need to choose a top player in the field. Maticz is a pioneer IDO development company. If you are a businessman looking for the best IDO development company then We can be your reliable technical partner, we make your dream into a real-world project. This is a perfect time for you to enter into the digital space and make profound use of an IDO. Get your valuable IDO development services from the hands of experts. 

Winding up

Most business people smartly invest in IDO, because the IDO platform would attract a huge audience and make fully benefit from IDO, Initial dex offering is a most discussed topic among global users because of the instant liquidy and quick trading, faster transactions. this is why it attracts people like a magnet. launching your own ido platform would let you create a community for fundraising and investing. For the project, that you are working for. This will open up a lot of business opportunities, and help you to reach beyond boundaries.

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