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Is composite deck cheaper than wood?

composite deck cheaper than wood
composite deck cheaper than wood

All deckings require upkeep. The harsh sun in Australia is one of the components in mother nature that has a big impact on decking material. When comparing wood versus composite decking, the major question is how much upkeep is required.

Wooden decks

To keep wooden decking boards from warping, splitting, splintering, and decaying, it has to be maintained often. It’s also important to take into account UV fading, moss, algae, and mould growth. In summary, your wood decking requires a lot of work and effort to maintain each season of its short useful life. Of course, just as with other decking materials, the level of maintenance needed for your wood deck each year will depend on the quality you choose to buy and the weather condition around the deck.

Composite decks

First off, composite decks need practically less upkeep than wooden decks. They often don’t need to be refinished, sealed, or stained. However, they must be cleaned once a while using a low-power washer or soft bristle brush and a solution of soapy water.

Composite decks are made from durable, stain-resistant materials that may last up to three decades outside and against normal wear and use. Composite decking does not split, deteriorate, or become vulnerable to insect damage as conventional wood decking does.

Additionally, the majority of composite decks come with UV protection built in, so they won’t age, fade, or bleach as quickly as genuine wood does.


For many homeowners, installing a new composite deck requires a significant investment. It will be easier for you to do something properly the first time if you put in the necessary effort and investigation. 

It is a great idea to spend a little extra and select a high-end quality composite decking board that not only offers strength & durability but has the beauty and appeal of real wood without the cons of having to maintain your decking area every year. Friends and family will spend a lot of time almost all year long socialising and relaxing on your new composite deck.

To guarantee that your new deck has been installed properly, use seasoned technicians. This will offer you confidence that your new composite decking will last for many years and increase the value of your home. Many discerning home buyers place outside alfresco living high on their wish lists when contemplating their purchase.


In all honesty, wooden deck has excellent strength and durability with a minimum of 34 mpa. It will withstand the weight of two typical family automobiles per square inch before failing, to put it simply. Wood, however, will be more prone to insect infestation, mold development, weather damage, cracking, and splintering if it is not properly maintained and treated. These alterations are a result of Mother Nature’s ongoing assaults, which reduce its lifespan and erode the board’s structural integrity (even more so when purchasing softwood with knots in).


Composite decks can last up to 20- 30 years if they are installed properly and maintained regularly. On top of that, they do not need as much maintenance as the wooden decks.

Composite decking doesn’t need nearly as much care as traditional wood. It does need to be cleaned with a gentle brush and regularly hosed down 4-6 times a year, however. If this is done, neither a hollow nor a solid composite decking board will have issues with structural strength.


Costs are, of course, a major consideration when picking your new decking material.

The cost of composite decking materials used to be higher than wooden decks upfront. But in recent years, some composite decks’ cost has come down to be very close to wooden decks. 

Compared to the annual expenditures for painting, sealing, staining, or even replacing wood that has crumbled, cracked, warped, or split, there will be time and financial savings if you go with composite decks as well Read more

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