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Is Real Estate Investment Trust a Good Career Path? An Overview of Real Estate Investment

Is Real Estate Investment Trust a Good Career Path?
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Many people nowadays are trying to figure out an answer to this common question. What is a real estate investment trust? And what kind of career path is there for a person with a real estate investment trust degree? A real estate investment trust (REIT) essentially means investing money in buildings and facilities. It is similar to the business of owning, managing, and developing properties.

There are several advantages to following this career path compared to other kinds of jobs or careers.

  • The first advantage is that in many cases, employees in this field can work at home. This means that you do not have any commuting expenses, and it also means that there are no office politics or issues. This is very common when an employee is working in an ample office space with several other people.
  • The second advantage of this is that the higher up you go in most companies, the more money you are likely to make. There are instances where employees may have to travel for their job, but a tiny percent of employees have t this once they get older. Most people enjoy being able to stay home and continue with their lives. Many companies are also willing to pay for relocation if the person’s job requires it or makes it necessary at one point or another in time during their career path.
  • These advantages come together because few people are willing to work at home and make good money. So this leaves the door wide open for many people looking for a job and wondering if real estate investment trust is a good career path.
  • Another advantage of choosing this career path is that it can also lead to other careers or jobs in general. A person who works in an office building knows what buildings look like, how they operate, and function. This means that there is always room for advancement within most companies because someone with the knowledge needed already has the experience required.
  • If you choose to go down this route, some colleges offer classes on real estate investment trusts and investing in properties. In contrast, others provide courses on basic property management skills. Either way, this is a great career path to choose because the more you learn about it, the better your chances are of advancing to higher positions within your company.
  • So, if you’re thinking about beginning a new career path, consider real estate investment trusts. It does not matter what age you are or how much experience you have; there is always room for growth and advancement in the field of real estate investment trusts. So do some research online today and see what position fits you best!

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Job opportunities in the field of real estate investment

What is real estate investment, and what kind of job do you have in that field? This article will briefly describe the real estate market and some careers you can have in that market.

The real estate investment market involves various jobs, including commercial retail properties, residential buildings, hotels, office buildings, and much more. Workers also include architects who design commercial projects, construction workers who build complex projects, sales agents from brokerage companies who sell or buy on commission for their customers or firms. These property managers handle daily operations at any building location/s under their management etc.

Although it might not be considered a career path due to its poor stability recessions since 2008-2009, which have created a lack of investors, the real estate market as an industry is constantly growing and expanding. In 2010, according to Forbes magazine, there was a total of 1.8 million jobs in the USA economy involving real Estate, out of which 26% were considered managerial positions. If you are looking for a career involving real estate investment, then consider some different types of jobs that might interest you:

The sales agent at a brokerage company

This may seem like one of the most popular choices for those interested in working with properties since it involves finding people who want to buy or sell their properties and placing them together either through finding buyers for sellers or vice versa. The job requires excellent communication skills since agents have to deal with their customers.

They also need to be knowledgeable about the market and familiar with local geographic areas and properties. Sales agents earn an average annual salary of $47,000 per year as reported by the USA today in 2011, but more successful people can make up to $86,000 per year or higher depending on performance.

Construction workers

There has been a high demand for construction jobs since this industry mainly thrives during economic growth. Since the real estate market is constantly expanding, it is expected that construction jobs will keep increasing as well.

These jobs involve everything from architects designing new buildings and coming up with layouts to other professionals such as planners and engineers handling the design and safety aspects of any project that needs to be completed on a construction site. Construction jobs also include building the structures, such as carpenters, masons, and roofers, etc.

  • Median Annual Salary: $33,000 – $67,000 depending on job role

Property managers

These workers ensure that any property under their management is up to par and running smoothly at all times. They work with tenants, landscapers, and others, ensuring that expenses are kept low without neglecting any property needs, including upkeep of premises, amenities provided, etc. This job requires a lot of responsibility since a property manager often has many tasks to handle at once.

They report to people higher up in the ranks of multiple properties. To become qualified for this job, it is required that you have a license which can be obtained through passing an exam. As far as salary, the median annual wage for this role was $46,000 per year according to the USA today in 2011. However, more successful property managers earn up to $95,000 or higher depending on performance.

Is it true that real estate investing makes you wealthy? 

Nothing can be possible in one day or in a few days. There is no quick way to get rich in the field of real estate. But if you are consistent and gradually making the money then there is a possibility that you will get rich soon. Correct investment is very important in real estate. However, real estate is the easiest way to get rich in days, if you are consistent.


These are only three different types of jobs in real estate investment available, but they give an idea of what kinds of careers are out there for those interested in working within the industry. If you think one of these described jobs fits your personality and character, then research more about each career’s requirements and work experience needed. With many people looking to buy properties in times like these, it is an excellent time to consider getting into the industry.


Q: What type of investment is real Estate?

A: Real Estate is the ownership or control over tangible property. It can be in any form, such as a building, structure, land, etc.  

Q: Is investing in Real Estate better than stocks?

A: Both investments have pros and cons; it all depends on your risk tolerance and investment horizon.  

Q: How do I get started in Real Estate investing?

A: It’s always advisable to start with an experienced real estate agent or broker who can take you through the learning curve.