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Public Speaking Skills That Every Businessman Must Have

Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking is a skill that helps you in addressing an issue effectively. Public speaking is not only for group discussion. But on the individual level, it has an important role. This is because it helps in convincing someone. And convincing demands intelligibility and confidence while addressing any issue. Public speaking skills cannot work as casual talk. The reason for this is that casual talk, there is no need to create an influence on another person. But public speaking skills demand a particular purpose and influence. In the case of fresh graduates, public speaking skills play a super important role. And in interviews, project presentations and client dealing, as well as public speaking skills matter a lot.

As a fresh graduate, if you lack in public speaking skills, it will cause serious problems. You may have the right information about anything. But the point is delivering that information righteously. For a job interview, you must have confidence, as well as clarity in your speaking. Confidence is the very first thing that matters a lot in professional life. With your confidence, you can stand out in hundreds of people. Also, your public speaking skill leads you to a better result in your professional life. Let’s discuss how a fresh graduate can boost his public speaking skills in a better way.


The very first important thing for developing public speaking is listening. Effective listening makes you a good speaker. Good listeners always know what the effective things in speaking are. These aspects help you in grasping the basic points that work well for engaging the audience. This way, you become aware of your speech as well. There you have to understand a clear difference between listening and hearing.

Hearing is all about acknowledging the sound of anything. But listening refers to proper engagement of a person. In listening, there is a purpose of understanding the points of others. While listening, you have to be aware of everything. In this you would not get a chance to re-listen. While reading, if you skip any point, you can go back to re-reading. But in the case of listening, it would not happen. So you have to be attentive. This way, you can polish your public speaking skills effectively.

Stress and Emotion Management

In public speaking, a major reason behind failure is that of stress. Because of stress, speakers get confused and go out of emotion. For example, after your dissertation writing task is completed, if you have to present your presentation for dissertation defense, your stress can create a hectic situation for you. You have to engage your audience with the help of emotion. Even if it’s your boss or client, your emotional engagement helps in influencing them.

Verbal Communication

Listening works well in the pre-phase of public speaking. But when you start speaking, verbal communication plays its role. It also works as a public speaking skill. Verbal communication ensures clarity in the sentences. Different elements contribute to the clarity of a sentence. These include the aspects such as tone, breaks, and declension. When working on verbal communication, other aspects of public speaking skills also matter. The first aspect is understanding the purpose of your speech. If you, as a speaker, are unaware of the exact purpose, how can others get it? In this case, poor communication always acts as a barrier.

Another aspect of this public speaking skill is that of the targeted audience. Your tone and style of speech are directly dependent on your audience. You have to see if your audience is your boss, friend, or client. Accordingly, you have to go for a formal or informal communication style. And accordingly, you have to provide proper pieces of evidence, as well as logic for your claims or arguments. Without proper pieces of evidence and logic, you cannot make your communication effective. If you lack in these aspects of effective communication, you need to practise them. You can ask your friend or senior to listen and give you valuable feedback. Or you can record your speech, and identify mistakes on your own.

Non-Verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication highlights your smartness. It also contributes in the judgement of your confidence level. It also helps in knowing if you can lead a team effectively, or not. It shows how professional you are in your presence. Non-verbal communication includes your dress code, gesture, and body language as well. It also includes your facial expressions, and eye contact. In short, it plays an important role of showcasing your credibility to the audience.

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