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Root Canal Treatment in Dubai

root canal treatment

If you are interested in root canal treatment in Dubai, you may want to know more about the procedure and cost.

Cost of root canal treatment in dubai

Root canal treatment is a common procedure that aims to relieve the pain caused by decayed or infected teeth. The procedure can be costly, depending on the number of roots affected and the complexity of the problem. Medical insurance does not always cover the cost, so it is important to compare prices before making a decision.  If you have dental insurance coverage, you can ask your dental plan for coverage of the treatment.

The price of root canal treatment in Dubai can vary from provider to provider. Several factors contribute to the cost, including the surgeon’s fee, the location and the services offered. If you are traveling to Dubai, you should consider all these factors and get an estimate from different clinics before booking a procedure.

There are several types of root canal treatments in Dubai, each with a different price tag. The Orthodontix Dental Clinic, for example, offers a variety of treatment options, including root canal. The clinic uses the latest technology and microscopes to perform the procedure.  This area contains the nerves and blood vessels that carry nutrients to each tooth.  A dentist who performs this procedure will remove the infected pulp, disinfect the area and replace it with a dental filling.


Root canal dentist dubai treatment is an essential procedure for a tooth that has become infected. However, it is not cheap. Depending on the complexity of the treatment and the condition of the tooth, the costs can range from $700 to $1,800. Your insurance plan will cover some or all of the costs, though.

In addition to the price of the root canal itself, you may have to pay for any follow-up sessions or procedures after the procedure. These treatments may require additional medications, which will add to the overall cost.

Recovery time

While the majority of root canal treatments heal completely within a few days, some patients may experience complications and need additional time to recover. Recovery time depends on the extent of the treatment, a patient’s health, and other factors such as dental hygiene habits. Patients are encouraged to talk to their dentist about their specific situation and follow their advice to ensure a successful recovery.

The first few days after root canal treatment can be difficult to deal with, but they will gradually subside. Pain and sensitivity in the tooth can be expected, but over-the-counter pain relievers should help. It is important to rest and avoid strenuous activity during the first few days of recovery.


If you are wondering about the possible side effects of root canal treatment, you’ve come to the right place. Most people have minimal to no pain at all after the procedure, and there is no need to worry. The procedure is quite similar to getting a large filling done, but the root canal procedure is more complicated. During the treatment, your dentist will numb your mouth so that you don’t feel anything. He will then disinfect the roots and fill them in. Once the procedure is completed, a rubber dam will cover your mouth to prevent infection. Afterward, your mouth may feel a bit sore, but your dentist can prescribe pain medication if needed.

Symptoms of root canal treatment may include tooth pain, discoloration, and extreme sensitivity to hot and cold. Some people may also experience chipped, cracked, or loose teeth. Once you’ve had root canal treatment, you should eat a soft diet to speed your recovery. You should also avoid crunching or chewing. Instead, you should eat simple, healthy meals such as smoothies and broth soups.


After root canal treatment, it is important that you take precautions for at least a week. Avoid chewing on sticky or hard objects, as they could get lodged in the tooth and cause further pain and discomfort. Moreover, it is also important to maintain good oral hygiene to prevent infection. You should also avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. You can also get painkillers to reduce any discomfort. If the condition of the infection is severe, antibiotics may be prescribed. These medicines will help you eliminate the infection. Read more on BellaViso.

In general, dental clinics in Dubai follow strict hygiene and safety protocols. However, you should be cautious and only visit these clinics if it is absolutely necessary.


A root canal is an essential treatment that removes infected pulp from the inside of the tooth. Left untreated, an infection can spread into the surrounding bone and cause pus-filled pockets to form at the root of the tooth. In some cases, the infection can even lead to localised bone loss. Eventually, the tooth will become so damaged that it will need to be extracted. This treatment is typically completed in a dental office. It involves the removal of the infected pulp from the inside of the root canal and the replacement of the pulp with a synthetic material. In general, the procedure for a root canal requires two or three visits.

The procedure is performed to treat an infection that has infected the pulp tissue. Inflammation of the pulp tissue can cause symptoms such as tooth sensitivity to cold and pain when chewing. Untreated, it can spread throughout the entire tooth system and lead to tooth loss. The procedure for root canal treatment in Dubai begins with a local anaesthetic. 

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