Home Business The Top 4 Best Digital Business Cards to Level Up Your Brand

The Top 4 Best Digital Business Cards to Level Up Your Brand

The Top 4 Best Digital Business Cards to Level Up Your Brand
The Top 4 Best Digital Business Cards to Level Up Your Brand

A digital business card has had many economic benefits over its traditional ones, but while we are in the few, let us search into why companies have customarily used these types of card system applications – mainly since there are restrictions regarding how much information can integrated onto one edge (physical) and problems when attempting to purchase or recover a digital version of the voucher. 

But in 2023, is it worthwhile to print an additional 1,000 actual business card packs available on the Internet? 

A growing number of online queries will inform everyone that you are not alone. For example: 

Digital business cards, also known as contactless virtual business cards, may save you time and money. For instance, to have a party conducted in Hourglass Escapes, one can send digital invites via any social media platform to cater to more people. 

Apple Watch digital business card 

According to Business wire, the online business card industry is predicted to develop at a CAGR of 14.7% between 2020 and 2027. 

According to the study, the COVID-19 pandemic sped up the drive for the usage of digital business cards since company shutdowns because of quarantine and restrictions on travel prompted enterprises to move the Internet. 

However, it is noted that the influence of COVID-19 is just temporary and that it is expected to diminish in the following years. 

Despite this, firms are increasingly inclined to digitize their financial activity, including online business cards. 


Save the entire environment: a digital business card is much less likely to be discarded than a paper business card. 

According to Adobe, around 88% of printed materials are discarded after a week. 

That is nine out of ten cards that end up being thrown away. 

  • Digital business cards may be kept on any device, exactly like any other resource. 
  • And should they require anyone, they may just look for the card on their smartphone or computer.
  • Quickly update your digital business card information. 
  • Simply stated, you may change your email address with digital business card applications or a QR code maker. 
  • If businesses change company contact information, email accounts, online media connections, or geographical space, one could immediately notify potential clients and prospects by upgrading your account. 
  • Use digital business cards to track interactions. 
  • Digital business card applications have several benefits over traditional versions. Not only are digital business cards easier to save and access, but they also allow you to measure interaction more readily. 
  • Specific digital business card applications may provide a variety of data on how online commercial papers are used.  

Top event digital business cards 

  1. Linq 
  • Linq is the ideal digital business card alternative for business owners looking for a quick and easy method to deliver completely customizable profiles with links, images, contact details, and more — right to someone else’s phone or inbox. 
  • They do not require Linq or an app. One may fully configure your digital wallet card by creating various profiles with different parameters underneath one login. 
  1. Popl 
  • Popl is a terrific alternative if you are searching for an app to help you build more interactions and produce more leads. 
  • Popular Groups 
  • Popl is an app you can install from any android market to exchange personal contact information, social network accounts, webpages, expected revenues, files, movies, and more. Popl further allows you to grab leads through your profiles and favorites, organize, sort, and organize almost altogether. 
  1. Beaconstac  
  • One may generate a branded QR code that is maintained and tailored to match your worldwide QR code initiatives with Beaconstac’s digital business card. 
  • Apart from that, you can track functions and make image groups. 
  • Card sharing with Apple Pay 
  • One may also run customized social media advertising based on real-world intentions. 
  • Furthermore, Beaconstac has the most modern security mechanisms unrivaled by other QR code solutions. 
  • As if that were not enough, it also interacts with the CRM system, bots, planning applications, and any other channel into which businesses would like to deliver business card QR Code information. 
  1. Switchit 
  • If you are searching for a feature-rich digital business card, Switch is the way to go. 
  • Anyone may use Switchit to post or record intriguing video material to capture people’s attention. Users may also start sharing the smart card with everyone users contact by using the online consumer interface, a text or email, emails, online networks, a QR Code, or a POS system. 


The quantity of services has grown dramatically with the advancement of technology just like in escape rooms. Choosing a selection when there are too many possibilities is difficult. One may make a digital business card to use in any framework accessible. Still, to get the most out of the attempts, one could use a system that meets all your individual or company demands thoroughly. 

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