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Uses of double wall cardboard boxes


The power of product packaging is cannot be argued. Packaging establishes a lot of aspects as a brand for its customers. Corrugated double wall cardboard boxes are one of the most popular packaging materials used to store, transport products.
Globally they are recognised for their strength, durability to carry a range of heavy and fragile items across different industries.

What are double wall cardboard boxes?

These are a sturdier and stronger version of single-wall cardboard boxes. Much like any other corrugated box, these are made of fluted paper sheets placed in between liners.

The materials consist of Kraft paper rolls, recycled paper and others. One of the major differences between single wall corrugated boxes and double wall boxes is that there are two layers of fluted material and not one. This makes the latter more durable than any other cardboard storage boxes.

When do you need to use double-wall corrugated boxes?

Well, the ideal situation for using these boxes is when the transportation is long and risky, so you need extra product protection. These are by far the best choice for fragile items that need protection against shock, impacts and other transport disasters.
These heavy-duty storage boxes are mostly designed from Kraft paper, giving them a rigid structure that prevents them from bending or crumbling against pressure. You can safely stack multiple boxes one after the other while loading.

Double-wall cardboard corrugated boxes can also withstand temperature change, which is quite normal while transporting goods across states or countries. This is why they are more trusted in the FMCG market than single wall boxes. Due to double fluting, they offer more insulation, keeping perishable foods like dairy, fruits and vegetables safe.

Some industries which use double-wall cardboard storage boxes include:
• Food
• Pharmaceutical
• Electronics
• Personal care
• Furniture
• Hospitals and other healthcare units
• Textile
• Moving and shipping industry

What are other benefits of double wall cardboard boxes?

Despite their rigid structure, these cardboard boxes are incredibly lightweight and easy to store. You can stack these in a corner when not using them.

They are cost-effective in comparison to steel drums or plastic-based packing supplies. Most importantly, cardboard boxes are made from recyclable materials and are 100% biodegradable. They can be reused many times before composting or recycling, making them extremely sustainable.

They are likely to last much longer than single wall cardboard boxes. The twin layers of fluted material make these boxes springy and durable. They can keep their shape even when thrown around or mishandled.
They degrade slower than single wall cardboard boxes, giving them a longer lifespan overall.

How does the type of box your brand use matter?

According to a report in 2018 by the Packaging Industry, 84% of business owners have responded that packaging plays a significant role in the way customers perceive the brand.

As a matter of fact, this has only increased in the last few years due to the pandemic. You cannot simply deny the quality of the boxes you deliver your products in as it helps to give protection and build trust.

Cardboard box suppliers like Packaging Midlands says that although double wall cardboard boxes are more expensive than single wall boxes when bought in bulk, the marginal cost comes down. Along with that, you would need fewer void fillers and bubble wrap rolls which is all the more economical.

However, it also depends on the budget and type of product you are shipping. You need to consider the strength, durability and functionality of the packaging materials; not just the design. That way, in the long run, you will save money with lesser product returns and logistics.

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