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Why is Paid Marketing indispensable for Digital Success?


You are a hardcore believer in inbound marketing. Right from the beginning, you have faith in reaching the audience where they are and when they need you rather than interrupting them when they are in the middle of something. But you have reached a hitch. You are publishing enticing, updated, and informative content on the digital platform but your audience is not finding it. 

Well, crafting content that can solve problems, add value, or provide relevant information to the audience is an important part of inbound marketing but it is never enough. At this stage, you need to get rid of your firm beliefs and unlock the power of paid marketing because even the most valuable content will be of no use if it isn’t found by the audience. 

According to research done by Content Marketing Institute, it has been found that more than 91% of the top-performing content marketers use some kind of paid marketing to get desired results. And if you wish to join the race and later lead it, you must inherent paid marketing into your existing digital plans. 

Let’s take a look at the different aspects of paid marketing and try to understand what makes it so important for all digital aspirants. 

What is paid marketing?

It is a digital marketing method used by digital marketers who bid to participate in real-time auctions for getting their ads shown on different networks, search engines, and platforms. This online marketing method used by various businesses is more commonly known as Pay-Per-Click advertising or PPC advertising. 

It is in the hand of the marketers to decide the type of audience to whom the ad will be shown. It can be based on age, demographic, interests, gender, and many other factors. And as the name suggests, the marketer has to pay for the ad whenever anyone clicks on it. You can even choose a paid marketing company to run PPC ads on your behalf. 

Apart from paying for every click, many marketers decide to pay on the basis of per 1000 views and this is what is known as paying for impressions. 

Why is paid marketing important?

When the organic search is down, paid marketing becomes your savior 

The current stats and trends show the decline of organic search on social media platforms. Slowly, social platforms are becoming a pay-to-play model for all businesses, and to keep up with this trend, you must partner with a paid marketing company. 

According to the data published by Wearesocial, the organic search on Facebook has hit rock bottom- 5.20% only. This means, out of 19 fans, only one is going to see your Facebook campaign. 

But by unleashing the power of paid marketing, you’re guaranteed to reach the right audience and you can even make the most of your content to elevate your brand with a highly targeted approach. 

Allows you to promote brand awareness without any obstacles 

Almost all forms of paid marketing like search ads, display ads, remarketing ads, and shopping ads can be utilized to promote your brand. And when you create brand awareness, your audience becomes more familiar with your products, services, and brand. 

Brand awareness is considered the foundation of all your marketing efforts, right from SMM to SEO. With brand awareness, you can build trust among the audience, and then you can even influence even their decision-making process. This is what paid marketing offers you. 

For making the most of paid marketing, you first need to find the right paid marketing agency, especially if you lack in-house digital marketing talent. 

All the ads are not only measurable but affordable as well 

While running a paid advertising campaign, you can reach a highly targeted audience and avoid the noise that hampers the effectiveness of your campaign and wastes your effort and time. And since costs in the case of paid marketing built by a paid marketing agency are totally dependent upon the objective and type of campaign, it becomes highly affordable. 

Apart from this, you can also easily keep tabs on every single penny spent on paid marketing campaigns and you can even set daily or weekly budgets so that you don’t have to put all the money in one go. This also helps in using the A/B testing strategy and this is how your ad campaigns yield better results. 

Doesn’t matter how many articles boast about the benefits of organic search results or how many experts recommend you rely solely on inbound marketing, paid marketing must be a part of your strategy. 

Apart from allowing you to reach the right audience, paid marketing campaigns are easily measurable and thus it allows you to know what has worked for you and what hasn’t. So just choose the right paid marketing agency and unleash the power of this indescribably amazing form of digital marketing. 

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