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6 Reasons You Should Stay on Top of Finance Trends


The world of finance is constantly expanding. Experts spend years learning how to track the markets and make investments that will pay off. Unless you have the skills, time and power to actually jump on opportunities as soon as they arrive, understanding trends can help you make incremental financial gains.

1. Small Investments Can Pay Off In A Big Way

Small cash investments in stocks, bonds, and even bitcoin can be lucrative. You may have a 401(k) or a personal investment account right now, or you may be skittishly looking at the markets and trying to figure out what to do.

Consider setting up an investment account with a trading platform that allows you to buy fractional shares. These tiny slices of stocks that have a long history of steady gains can benefit you. You may not be able to buy a single stock of one of the heavy hitters, but buying a fraction of several heavy hitters and a couple of index funds can help you build wealth.

2. One Action Can Pay Off Repeatedly

Passive income is a wonderful tool to help you increase your income with no extra effort. For example, you may create handmade garments. One garment sold = one payment. By taking a photo of your creation, you can create your own NFT, sell the image and use it to promote your

  • blog article, explaining how you got into making such garments
  • YouTube video, demonstrating how you made the pattern
  • online tutorial, showing the best places to shop for the fabrics you use

Once your item is sold and you are paid for your materials and time, the money can continue to flow in.

3. The Connections You Can’t See Can Pay Off

When you think about the phrase “finance trends” you may immediately start thinking about stocks and bonds. However, finance trends can often be a lot closer to home. Your current skills can actually be quite valuable on many platforms.

Following political news can make it easier to understand rising fuel costs, which can make it easier to understand inflation. If you have strong skills in frugality, you can turn these “sidewalk” skills into cash by sharing your learned skills. As society faces different pressures, those frugal skills move from something shameful to something valuable.

4. You Can Build Your Skills In The Right Direction

If you have serious skills and want to share them, take a class on creating tutorial videos. Invest in a good camera, the right lighting tools, and some paint and shelving to clean up your background. Read more about for Industrial Shelving.

Study the videos you enjoy most and email the creators to find out what tools they recommend. Most creators are happy to communicate with and encourage their fans. If you don’t hear back, you may want to look for a new favorite.

5. Information Can Be Entertaining

Change up your listening habits and add podcasts on

  • money management
  • investing
  • frugality

With strong frugality skills, you can free up cash. With strong money management skills, you can invest that cash regularly. With successful investing habits, your money will make room for more money to come into your life. Do you need to know how to can veggies or raise chickens? Maybe not, but if one podcast helps you save $5.00 a week, you have $20.00 a month to help you buy a fractional share of Google.

6. Your Existing Knowledge Can Benefit Others

By listening to podcasts and watching videos that may or may not have a direct correlation to your life activities, you can start to understand how your skills can help folks who live very differently from you.

If you’ve been considering putting together a blog or your own podcast about how you free up funds for investing but shut yourself down because you don’t feel your skills don’t necessarily translate, stop! The key to successfully sharing your expertise on these platforms is much more about being personable and worthy of emulation.

Closing Thoughts

Finance trends can impact us at a high level, such as in the stock market, and at ground level, such as at our local farmers market or grocery store. Expand your listening and viewing to learn from folks who live very different lives from you.