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Things To Consider When Buying a Turntable Speakers Online

Turntable Speakers

Turntable or vinyl record players are surely a must-have if you need soothing music and a relaxing environment. Nowadays there are Bluetooth turntable speakersthat feature the same old music but with a modern twist.

Small turntable speakersdo not just sound good, but the traditional set-up offers a unique vibe altogether. Here is how you can get the best deal on turntable speakers in India.

What Are the Benefits of Shopping Wireless Turntable Speakers Online?

Shopping online has become the new favourite trend for consumers across the globe. Not just in India, but throughout the world, the online market for electronics has increased. People like to shop online because it offers the benefits of convenience. You can save time and shop for your favourite products right from the comfort of your home.

With the advancements in the online shopping industry, returns and replacements have also got easier. Rather than going from one shop to another, it is a wiser decision to explore the options available at an online store.

How Many Types of Turntable Speakers Are Available Online?

The most obvious question that beginners ask is about the type of speakers they want for their turntable. Here are your choices to create the desired turntable setup in a room:

  • Powered Turntable Speakers: These speakers are also recognised as passive speakers. Although some powered speakers have in-built amplifiers or pre-amp. These don’t have inbuilt amplifiers so you will need a separate piece or an A/V receiver to create the desired sound output.
  • Standalone Wired Speakers: This setup is similar to the powered speaker setup in terms of functionality. However, the only benefit is that this system is going to look more compact. You can’t get the stereo separation in this setup but a simple RCA to aux connection is simplistic and are mostly preferred.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Speakers: In case you have a bigger room and want speakers further apart from the setup, you can go with wireless speakers that connect with Bluetooth transmitters. It might look clean as it omits all the messy look of cables running across the room, but wireless compression can affect the audio output quality.

Which Are the Best Turntable Speakers in 2022?

The variety is huge for Turntable Speakers in the market. You might not find all of them in the same store, so it’s better to search online. Based on the pros and cons reviewed by the experts, it can be said that Dali Oberon is a decent choice for your turntable setup. It is compact in size, features a robust built quality and the sound is really good. However, some might find it a little expensive as the setup will also need an amplifier.

You can also explore the options in the Kanto speaker range. Their powered speakers are remote operated and offer a decent output at an affordable price range. These are best for compact spaces and the only limitation is the sound quality is not exactly professional quality.

An all-in-one solution can be purchased from the brand called Sonos. Their Sonos 5 is a really good choice for the desired sound quality and ease of use. However, this system needs a preamp and you might find the cost is prohibitive.

How To Find the Best Budget Turntable Speakers Online?

However, for many, it is difficult to fit Sonos and Dali into their bills. So the trick is to wait for offers and sale season. Be watchful of the price drop alerts and pick a renowned online platform to get the best deals with the added benefit of insured shipping and free returns.

Final words

Buying a turntable speaker can be a complex process, especially for beginners who are clueless about the pre-amp setup or required accessories. Follow the guide shared above and explore the options at Watt HiFi. It is the most recognized online store for the best deals on turntable speakers and other sound systems in India.

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