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Top Marketing Research Method You Need to Know About 



For a business to run proficiently and succeed, it is vital to pay sufficient time and effort researching its market. Judicious market research can help your business to come up with efficient strategies and business models that you can after that incorporate into your business. It will also help you to have a comprehensive understanding of your competitors and target audience and allow you to draw advantage of your available resources.  

From companies offering virtual escape room experiences to even companies running coffee chains worldwide, market research is vital for all. This article has brought together the top methods for efficiently conducting your market research. Read on to know more:  

1. Running surveys  

Running one or more surveys is probably the most viable way of conducting your market research. Different companies seek to achieve their surveys in varying ways. Some of the most common methods in which businesses tend to run their surveys are as follows: 

  • Phone calls – often, representatives of a given company make a few phone calls to different people and ask them predefined questions. 
  • Mail – you can even find many companies sending out a set of questions in scripted format to different people in their email addresses.  
  • Online – many companies also send out a particular link (via email) to an online form that people can fill out. 
  • In-person – often, many companies also directly converse with different people in high-traffic areas. It allows them to perceive the varying opinions of the masses.  

Running surveys is one of the most cost-effective ways of gathering valuable data for market analysis.  


2. Taking individual interviews   

Yet another effective way of gathering valuable data about your market is running individualistic interviews. You can hold one-to-one interviews with your prospective consumers based on your target demographics to learn the vital details of your call. As the interviewer, you must start the interview by asking a few questions. 

However, you must keep in mind that the key objective of your interview is to have an open-ended discussion with the person sitting before you. The open-ended discussion needs to focus on your product and your consumer’s views about it. Such individualistic interviews will offer you a rather in-depth insight into your market.  

Though conducting one-to-one interviews is an expensive and lengthy process, it provides you with a more detailed outlook of your market than a survey can provide. Many companies may often find it rather cumbersome to compile the details of every interview into practical conclusions.   

3. Focus Groups  


To put it in simple words, a focus group comprises a group of people who participate in a moderated discussion session. Companies tend to gather different individuals who can stand to represent a particular consumer demographic before conducting focus groups.  

The responses provided by the participants offer deep insights into the ulterior desires and needs of the consumers of a particular company or product. In comparison to running surveys, conducting a focus group session allows companies to interact with consumers for a more extended period.  

Especially when businesses are fashioning a brand-new product or service, focus groups can be highly effective in knowing the opinions of the consumers. Focus groups tend to harbor a prospering environment that allows participants to gather more knowledge about a particular product than they already know. It will enable participants to gain first-hand knowledge of a specific product or service through the different responses they hear in the discussion.  


While we just talked about three distinct methods of conducting marketing research, there are still others you can work on. So, try a suitable method for your company to gain valuable insights into your market!  

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