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10 Effective Ways To Earn Online Without Investment.

10 effective ways to earn online without investment

Do you want to know about 10 effective ways to earn online without investment. Here i’ll discuss how to earn by rent products online. I was free from the university for summer break and wanted to start something new. Just to kill time and earn some money to pay the tuition fees for the fall semester.  I spoke to my friend Elina who suggested me do an internship at a tech company. 

But it was a very boring idea to pursue.  Then I came up with some better ideas that I want to share it doesn’t require any sort of investment and they can be done online. So here we go:


While I was surfing online I learned from lots of people who shared their stories. They said that they placed ads on different websites in order for wedding dresses on rent. They started making money within two months. Many customers contacted them and took their clothes for rent on their wedding days. 

I also came across lots of families who gave their furniture on rent for ways to earn online to people who could not afford it. It also saved money for those people who took it on rent. They used their money on other things like going on vacation. And also the ones who rented their chairs, sofas, etc also earned extra money. That they used to pay their monthly utility bills and even some of them started to take their children to better schools. 

Filling up Surveys 

I could not believe that filling out the online surveys for so rewarding until I signed up on different websites. Every day I used to get notifications about the new ones. So I was answering all the multiple-choice questions. They were easy to do. And it took some of my time. But it was really useful.

Some of the websites were giving rewards also. The process was to share with as many people as possible. I tried to share the links with my university friends, neighbors, and even my professors. Guess what they were also happy to do it. And were grateful to me. 


Recently I saw a video about a youngster who was earning money through freelancing. He was making videos on Youtube and he was getting paid through Google ads. It was a wonderful idea. I never thought about it. So from there, I started making short videos of 10 minutes about famous places in my city New York. I just took my Smartphone and sharted recordings of different places like the Statue of Liberty. 

The Empire state building and the other attractions were really useful for a newcomer or tourists who were traveling from different parts of the world. Then I used different apps on my Play store to do the necessary editing and I uploaded it to my account. My efforts paid off and I started to get paid for it within 2 months. 

Products Reviews 

Many people started to contact me for their products for cash. When my channel reached more than 10,000 subscribers. The idea was very simple they gave their products for e.g. one of the cafes told me to come and do a video review about their latest coffee. And I went there and they gave me it for free. And then I drank it fresh and I gave valuable feedback about it. 

The cup was a little bigger. And the taste was delicious. It smell was great too. I also shared other views about the cappuccino, latte, and sugar-free cookies they were offering. Many officegoers saw my video online and started to buy from there. The company was very happy and they made me their brand ambassador. 

Online Tuition 

It was covid and many people including children stayed indoors. Their parents were busy doing work from home. They didn’t have time for their children to do homework or prepare for online tests. So many of the websites were charging some commission for teaching them.

I started getting classes in mathematics and English. So I was using Skype and Zoom to teach them. It was fun to see the young kids picking up what I was teaching them very fast. Their parents gave me very positive feedback. So many more classes were assigned to me. So I was happy to earn a handsome amount of earnings. For that period.


The time passed so quickly that I didn’t notice. But I joined the new semester. And continued those part-time opportunities. That increased my level of confidence and at the same time, I was getting significant ideas to sell to earn pocket money. That I used to buy a new laptop for my younger brother as a present on Christmas last year. 

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