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Who Is Adin Ross? Adin Ross’s Net Worth, Career, And More

adin ross net worth

A social media personality, youtuber, streamer, and twitch gamer, Adin Ross appears on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitch Gaming. The net worth of Adin Ross is estimated to be $1.5 million as of 2022, according to Forbes. As a result of advertisements and brand collaborations on social media, he has accumulated a substantial net worth. On his Twitch channel, he streams videos of himself playing video games.

In addition, he streams Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2K gameplay on his YouTube and Twitch channels. During a live stream video, he kissed popular social media star, Corinna Kopf.

Adin Ross

Adin Ross was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He became interested in songwriting while working on a family farm in Maryland where he grew up. In 1995 he moved to New York City taking a job at Taxi Music, handling royalties for big name artists such as Rod Stewart and the Bee Gees. Adin Ross is a Songwriter, Producer and Publisher currently living in New York City.


A few years later he began what would become a successful career in music publishing writing pop songs that went on to be recorded by Enrique Iglesias and Jessica Simpson just to name a few. Currently still living and working in New York City Mr. Ross continues his work as a songwriter and publisher with his third major label cut due out this year from an artist signed to Universal Records under Barry Hankerson’s management company Black Pearl Entertainment based out of Los Angeles, California.

Songs for Black Pearl

Mr. Ross has (co-written) four songs for Black Pearl Entertainment’s upcoming “Queen of the Damned” soundtrack including the song he co-wrote with formerly incarcerated rapper Foxy Brown. Adin’s other songs on the soundtrack are being performed by well known artists including Aaliyah, DMX and Nas.

Adin currently has his own publishing company that services Universal Music Group called The Songwriting Division or TSD Music Publishing LLC., which was recently formed in 2006. He divides his time between New York City, Los Angeles and Miami. The Songwriting Division catalog is distributed by Vivendi/Universal Music Publishing Group under exclusive license to EMI April Music Inc.

Adin Ross net worth

Ross has earned his net worth as a professional Canadian skateboarder and entrepreneur. He began skating at age twelve after he watched the Street League Skateboarding contest winner “Bam Margera” during the X-Games. From there, he would start to skate with friends who also saw him as an equal talent earning $10 for tricks such as caballerial and lipslides. By fourteen years of age, Adin had professional sponsors such as Planet Earth, Globe Shoes and Venture Trucks for his growing list of skills. 

After receiving sponsorship from some major names in sports, Adin was recruited to join Team Canada where he competed against other talented skaters at the World Championships. He would not only crush it but he would take home first place in both 2008 and 2009.  

Winning two years in a row increases his net worth  

This would be the rise of Adin Ross net worth to $50,000 by winning two years in a row. Noticing his talent for skateboarding, GoPro offered him free cameras to film everything that happened during his contests winning three gold medals. After his win, he decided to start filming more than just skating events. Adin started to take short film classes at night school while earning $10-$20 per video which eventually turned into over four million views on YouTube. Now with almost 2 million subscribers watching videos between seven and ten minutes long, Adin’s earnings soared even further reaching $100,000+ annually.  

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YouTube Channel

In 2015, Ross ended his professional skateboarding career and decided to put more time into his YouTube channel. Now a full-time social media entrepreneur, Ross vlogs about anything from music festivals to casual day trips with friends accumulating over 25 million views in 2016. Although he does not release exact amounts for each video released, the website Tubular insights has estimated that his videos make $100 – $300 per million views. This would add another $250,000 per year to Adin’s growing net worth of over $500,000.

For a simple Canadian kid with a talent for skating and camera work, it is no wonder why Adin Ross net worth continues to grow every year since birth. He has come a long way from being sponsored by major corporations to show all his daily activities through social media.

With YouTube as his full-time job, Ross will continue to grow until he has reached the same celebrity status as some of those who inspired him, such as Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera. He also provides advice on different tricks through tutorials and video blogs and discusses his family and friends with followers. Being part of a “New School” generation, Adin Ross net worth is just another story of how young people can use social media to their advantage.

Adin’s net worth increased due to his participation in skating

Although two skaters contributed to the increase in Adin’s net worth 2008-2012, that form of sponsorship would not have continued to drive up his net worth into the millions annually. Post 2012, most skateboarders are sponsored by clothing companies, energy drinks and other skateboarding equipment which would contribute to his net worth but not as much as those who earn $10 per trick. For example, professional skater “Bucky Lasek” has a net worth of $8 million whereas most skaters like Ross make under $1million per year.

It is estimated that Adin’s net worth will continue to grow by another million dollars annually due to his current status of over 4 million subscribers on YouTube. With such high viewership comes the potential for even more business opportunities such as partnerships with major corporations or new music releases, both of which could bring him over $1million in earnings.